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Online Relationships Tips

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What should I do the first time I meet someone offline?

Internet Dating Safety – The First Meeting

Internet dating safety can be maintained with a little planning. Once you've chatted online and spoken for quite some time on the phone, meeting in person is the next step. If you've determined you are ready to meet someone, exercise these simple online safety tips:

Drive separately to a public meeting place.

Tell a friend where you are going and when you expect to be home. Follow-up by checking in with your friend at a predetermined time and/or when you return home.

Never leave the public place, go home with the person or invite your date to your home.

Immediately end the date if you feel pressured in any way.

Do not get drunk or tipsy. Drinking impairs judgment leading to choices you may not normally make.

What are you some online dating safety tips?

Online Safety Tips

Internet dating safety is maximized by exercising common sense and trusting your instincts. Just as you wouldn't give out personal or identifying information when meeting a stranger on the street, the same applies here. Although the anonymity of an online relationship can tempt you to share more at a faster rate, remember this is still a stranger.

Online safety depends on you guarding your identity, going slowly and discontinuing contact with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. It is also important to never give in to pressure to divulge information you are uncomfortable giving or proceed to a step you are not ready for. Keep these things in mind:

--Guard your identity.
--Remain anonymous until you feel safe and ready to explore other options.
--Don't include your real name or city of residence within your email address, dating profile or in your username.
--Go slow. Take your time getting comfortable talking online.
--Don't use a sexy name. It will get attention, but not the type you'd like.

When you are ready, move to phone conversations providing only your first name and cell phone number. Don't let anyone rush you into meeting or giving out more information than you want to share.

What are the warning signs when online dating?

Internet Dating Safety – Warning Signs

Internet dating safety can be maintained through attention to general online safety guidelines, as well as those particular to chat room safety. In addition, protect yourself through awareness of red flag behaviors and situations. If any of the following should occur, please treat it as a warning and discontinue contact with the individual:

Harassing or offensive emails

Being asked for financial help or help of any kind

Feeling pressured to share information or move your relationship forward

If the other person repeatedly avoids an equal sharing of information

How do I get more responses for my online profile?

Online Relationship Advice – Increase Those Responses!

Online Relationship Advice – Increase Those Responses!

Post at least one photo . Dating pictures are one of the first things people look for when browsing dating profiles.

Keep it simple . Avoid rambling in your dating profile. Get to the point and keep things light.

Use humor if it comes naturally to you. Do not force it or it will appear awkward. Also, m ake sure the humor translates well into written form. Remember your audience does not know you and can not read your body language.

Be confident. If you sound like you don't like yourself, others will take your word for it.

Do not post adult-oriented content (e.g. nudity, sexual language). This is likely to make others uncomfortable a

What should I do to stay safe when online dating?

Chat Room Safety

Chat rooms eliminate broken communication caused by the time delay inherent with email. A flow of "conversation" occurs between two or more people as the exchange takes place in real time. This is often more enjoyable and nourishes a sense of connection not possible through email alone. However, the anonymity also encourages a level of sharing and intimacy uncommon in beginning relationships. Therefore, paying attention to chat safety becomes important. This need not be troubling, however. Simply review the customized online safety tips particular to chat rooms posted on the dating site. And, don't forget to have fun!

What shouldn't I do in an online relationship?

Online Dating Tips - What NOT to Do

There are certain things you should never, ever do during online relationships. If you ignore all other online relationship advice, please take note of these top 10 guaranteed mistakes:

1. Discussing marriage prior to meeting your online interest

2. Claiming looks are unimportant and then rejecting the person once you see a photo

3. Using your dating profile as a creative writing project in which you create a fictional character

4. Expecting to meet your perfect match the first try (or the first several)

5. Telling your life tragedies to someone you have just “met”

6. Complaining about the last five people you had online relationships with

7. Placing all blame on your ex for what went wrong in your prior relationship

8. Rambling on about people or activities the other person has no interest in

How do I say no to someone who e-mails me?

Saying No

Anytime you interact online, you may run into people who are interested in you, but who just don't ring your bell for whatever reason.
The polite thing is to let the person know as soon as possible that you're not interested. Don't try too hard to be "nice," or leave the door open to future communication if you don't wish it. On the other side, don't be needlessly rude, or you might provoke a potential stalker. A simple "Thanks for your interest, but I don't think we're suited to one another" is all you need to say.


Staying Safe Online

When you're posting information on the Internet or corresponding with someone you just "met," don't forget that some people online aren't who they claim to be.
Be careful about when and how you reveal your real phone number, home address, place of work, or other identifying information -- but also be careful how much detail you reveal about where you live and work. A clever crook or stalker can put together your identity from casual hints you let drop.

Dating sites aren't working out for me. Are there other ways to meet people online?

Other Ways to Meet People Online

Maybe you've joined dating sites and after dating a few people who didn't work out, you've just had enough. The truth is, meeting great people online is kind of like meeting great people offline - the best ones may not be hanging around at the singles bar, because they're out doing things and making things happen.
Try spending some of your online time in online groups related to your interests and hobbies. Particularly, focus on local groups - it's not hard to find an e-mail list or forum for New Jersey Republicans, Atlanta writers, or Oregon vegans. That way, you're more likely to be able to meet up in real life in a non-date context, perhaps a group get-together in a pub or bookstore.

What can I do to make my online dating photo more appealing?

Online Dating Photos

Many people who visit online dating sites will only look at profiles with photos. At the same time, think carefully about who might recognize you from that photo -- your ex? your boss? your kids? If you don't post a photo, indicate in your profile that you're willing to exchange photos via e-mail.
The right photo can make a big difference in the response to your e-mail. Most sites let you post more than one. Use your photo to convey something about yourself - if you use a photo of yourself doing the things you like best, you're more likely to come across as happy and confident.
Be honest. Use a photo that's up to date and not doctored. Yes, you can paste your head on the body of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but eventually you're going to want to meet this person live, and your date probably won't buy the "I'm bulking up for my next movie role" excuse.

How can I get to know someone whose online dating profile attracts me?

Getting to Know Someone in E-Mail

Once you've identified someone whose online dating profile attracts you, the next step is to see if they might feel the same way about you.
If there are several people who interest you, it might be tempting to send off the same quick response to all of them. The e-mail that gets attention is the one that demonstrates that you have read the other person's profile, share some common interests, and match the qualities he or she wants.
If you strike up a correspondence, try to move toward an in-person date fairly quickly. It's easy to project your own desires onto an anonymous person in your in-box. Most people find they don't know for sure whether they're attracted until they see each other in person, so try not to get too emotionally invested until you get to this step.

What should I look for in an online dating site?

Choosing an Online Dating Site

When you go online to find someone, whether you're looking for a quick fling or a lifetime commitment, you'll find many sites eager to sign you up.
Before you decide where to put your membership fees, it's a good idea to know what kind of relationship you want., for example, specializes in long-term relationships and does not match same-sex couples.
Also consider whether there are specific criteria you need a potential partner to meet. If you only want to date Jewish people or Republicans or pet owners, there are sites that will help you narrow things down.

What do I need to know to meet people on MySpace?

Social Networking Sites

By now you've probably heard of On this and other social networking sites, users can create their own pages with music, video, photos, and information about themselves. These sites can be used to find friends, but many people also use them to connect with potential dates.
Especially if you're young, it's very important to keep yourself safe. Social networking sites are unfortunately also prowling grounds for predators. Learn the site's privacy tools and use them to protect yourself, but also use common sense in what information you post and who you respond to.

How much should I reveal in e-mail?

Too Much Sharing

In the early stages of an online relationship, it's tempting to pour out your heart in e-mail. Keep the focus on the two of you at the beginning - you want the other person to be interested in YOU, not your kids or the other guys on your rugby team. It's OK to mention these things, but most people would rather have you ask about THEIR lives and days first.
E-mail responses should be moderate in length, focused on who you are and what makes you special, on things you have in common with the other person, and on discovering more about him or her. Save your innermost thoughts until you have met this person and developed an honest, trust-based relationship.

How can I make my online dating profile stand out?

Profile Yourself

The first way people get to know you at an online dating site is through your personal profile. Some sites take you through quizzes or ask a lot of questions to try to provide more information. This will make the signup process longer, but may help you weed out unsuitable partners and communicate with those who are right for you.
Writing skills are important in online profiles, particularly if you're looking for an educated or intelligent partner. If you're not a natural writer, you may want to enlist a friend who writes well to help you with this part of the process. Your goal is to communicate the things that make you special and interesting.

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