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Dr. Phil

Twitter: @DrPhil

If you love watching Dr. Phil during the day, you’ll love following him on Twitter as well. Dr. Phil shares relationship quotes worth living by, interesting articles and his family’s latest news.

Stephan Labossiere

Twitter: @StephanSpeaks

Certified relationship coach and author Stephan Labossiere shares his latest blog posts and other interesting articles about relationships. His articles are helpful and practical, and he doesn’t hold back.

How To Be A Keeper

Twitter: @howtobeakeeper

Howtobeakeeper provides a mix of very short thoughts on how to be a great boyfriend or girlfriend, relationship advice articles and other articles people in love might be interested in.


Twitter: @FactsAboutBoys

With over 1,780,000 followers, people love FactsAboutBoys for short little snippets about love and relationships. The material isn’t always appropriate, but it is relatable.

Boyfriend Tips

Twitter: @iBoyFriendTipz

iBoyfriendTipz offers plenty of simple advice about how to be a great boyfriend (or girlfriend) as well as short, memorable quotes that will leave you reevaluating your current relationship.

Laura Berman

Twitter: @DrLauraBerman

When relationship health and sex expert Dr. Laura Berman isn’t busy on the Oprah Network or the Steve Harvey Show, she shares great sex and relationship articles on Twitter that you won’t want to miss.

Sheila Gregoire

Twitter: @sheilagregoire

Christian speaker, author and marriage blogger Sheila Gregoire uses Twitter to share solid Bible-based relationship advice for keeping your home and your relationship going strong.

The Plunge

Twitter: @ThePlunge_com

A wedding planning page with a twist, ThePlunge_com is the Twitter page for grooms who sort of want to plan a wedding, but who really just want to get the whole thing over with so they can get to their honeymoon instead.

Relationship Advice

Twitter: @Couplerelations

Couplerelations is unique in that, in addition to sharing plenty of great relationship advice articles, it also offers a way for real people to ask questions through’s online Listening Room.

Your Tango


Learning to love yourself and your partner is vital for a healthy relationship.

The Urban Dater


You are attracted to someone who is committed to another person, or find yourself in a discordant relationship and meet someone else who has all the magic you need in your life - what do you do?

Psychology Today Relationship Blogs


Not just one blog, but 50+ relationship blogs written by experts, all rounded up in one place. It's easy to spend hours here.

Guy Stuff Counseling


Are you afraid of the death of a relationship? Figure out why you are facing it and what you can do about it.

Love Panky


Keeping the romance alive, making her feel valued even after you have been together for a while makes a relationship healthier and fitter for both of you.

Love Letters


Dating, not-dating, marrying, not-marrying, sure, unsure -- read Meredith Goldstein's responses to questions and dilemmas of people like you.

eharmony blog


You throw in your lot with his and decide to pool all your financial resources because you are in love. Don't get carried away by love too soon!

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