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Rose Quartz – A Natural ‘Love Stone'

Finding and keeping a healthy relationship isn't easy so get a little help from the center of the earth. Everyone knows diamonds are a girl's best friend, but have you thought about using other natural crystals and gemstones when it comes to loving yourself and others?

Rose quartz is a natural choice for finding love and is often called the ‘Love Stone'. Rose quartz is one of the most happy and soothing of all the earth's crystals.
Quartz crystals hold distinct vibrations that help us return to our inner source. Rose quartz in particular affects the heart chakra where negative patterns from past relationships are held. These patterns must be released before true love can happen. This is easier said than done, because many of us have a lot of work in loving ourselves. You would not tear down a house if a window were broken, so be patient when it comes to accepting yourself unconditionally.

The natural place to use a rose quartz crystal is on the heart, so a necklace ideal. Surround the quartz with rhodonite for added patience as you go through the growing process. If you want to work with a larger piece of rose quartz, gently hold it in your hand and repeat a positive affirmation of love and self-acceptance. Try placing the quartz under your pillow and allow the dreams to help you release the past. Sit with the quartz in your hand during meditation or place it in the partnership area (far right corner) of your desk. Have it hold the intention of finding or improving a relationship. When it comes to relationships, let the earth help you with the journey from the past into the present -experiment with different pieces of rose quartz.


The Language of Flowers Speaks Volumes

Romantic traditions from the past can teach us a lot about romance in the present. According to the The Literary Times, the language of flowers is called floriography and was practiced from the time of the Romans. During the time of the Victorians, lovers would tell each other how they felt by exchanging certain flowers or floral arrangements. This was quite a booming business for the florists, silversmiths and glassmakers of the day.

Make the gift of flowers even more romantic and fun by using the traditional floral language but better yet, make up your own language. Giving a dozen roses is lovely, but why not choose 12 individual flowers and write a description or meaning for each. Include a card that spells out the message you want to convey.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: Your eyes are the color of this blue hydrangea. The white rose is my commitment and a sign of things to come. The gardenia reminds me of your perfume. The sunflower reminds me of the summer day we met. Your own floral language can be fun and creative. This shows the recipient that a great deal of thought went into the gift. Any type of personalization goes a long way in the area of romance.

Ladies, don't let the guys have all the fun, men love receiving flowers too. Choose just one flower and have it delivered to him personally with your private message. Romance doesn't have to be boring.


Symbols For a Healthy Relationship

The Chinese have many symbols and charms when it comes to prosperity, abundance or healthy relationships. In Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, having a successful and healthy relationship includes many happy children. Symbols are said to bring luck and good fortune, but they can activate love as well.

Some of the best Feng Shui principles and symbols for obtaining a good relationship include:
1. Determine the partnership area of the home (far right corner) and place a rose quartz crystal in the room. Clear or pink round crystal balls are also nice in the bedroom.
2. Mandarin ducks are famous symbols of lovers and fidelity. Place a pair in any space to create positive atmosphere for love to grow.
3. Place a pair of geese in a home to encourage a happy marriage.
4. The peony signifies love and romance and is highly valued in China. Peonies in a living room draw suitors to a young woman. Even a picture of a peony is a good idea in the living room.
5. A butterfly is a symbol of young love so it is not as appropriate for a woman. Place a lovely butterfly in any room to encourage an active social life(social butterfly).
6. Two red paper lanterns lit on the side of the bed at the same time and extinguished at the same time signify a long happy marriage.

Try any of these symbols in your home and see what happens. I painted my bedroom pink with the intention of finding a husband and two weeks later, we met.

Iwas told that different roses mean different things, is this true?

a rose is not always just a rose

ROSE (BRIDAL) - Happy Love
ROSE (PINK) - Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me
ROSE (RED) - LOVE, I Love You, Passion
ROSE (TEA) - I'll Remember, Always
ROSE (THORNLESS) - Love At First Sight
ROSE (WHITE) - Innocence and Purity
ROSE (YELLOW) - Decrease Of Love, Jealously
ROSE (SINGLE FULL BLOOM) - I Love You, I Still Love You
ROSEBUD - Beauty Of Youth, A Heart Innocent Of Love
ROSEBUD (RED) - Pure And Lovely
ROSEBUD (WHITE) - Girlhood
ROSEBUD (MOSS) - Confessions Of Love


Essential Oils for a Personal Love Potion

Love potions, charms or spells date back to ancient civilization. Fragrance and incense have been used in all cultures to conjure up love, romance and ignite passions of the heart. Certain essential oils are thought to be aphrodisiacs and many swear by the effect they have on the libido. Others are skeptical and think aphrodisiacs are a bunch of hooey. Make your own aphrodisiac with a few simple ingredients. Once you try it, decide for yourself.

For love and romance, I would suggest blending a massage oil using rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils with a carrier oil such as sweet almond. Drop 5 to 7 drops of each essential oil in a clean two oz. container and add the carrier oil to the top. Shake and use the massage oil when the mood strikes you. Other aromatherapy oils to consider are neroli, patchouli, clary sage, jasmine and black pepper. You be the judge and pick the oils that are perfect for you. If you set the mood, put yourself in the right frame of mind and add a little aromatic scent, who knows what will happen? You could create magic.

How does astrology help my relationship?


January 20 - February 18

Aquarians are independent, inventive, modern and dreamy. They love people. If you're in a relationship with an Aquarian, throw large parties for your partner, and think up off-the-wall and bizarre gifts. Run off on trips for weekends to unusual destinations. Aquarians are also great humanitarians, so think of donating money to a good cause in your love's name.

Iwas told that different roses mean different things, is this true?

Flower Twist

Don't just give flowers...put a note on each one. Tell the meaning behind the flower and how it applies to your relationship. Or just tell him why you love him!

What does a diamond mean?


The diamond is the classic symbol of engagement and marriage. It's hardness shows that the relationship can weather any storm. It is also the birthstone for April.

What does topaz mean?


Topaz comes in many colors, and is the birthstone for November. It is thought to signify strength.

How do I deal with my Aries lover?


March 21 - April 20

Your Aries lover is full of energy and drive. Play to that energy by finding things to do that direct the energy in positive ways - go biking, or skiing, or travelling in new places. Aries want to be where things are being done. Go celebrate the opening of a new museum, or toast a new restaurant.

What does rose quartz mean?

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink sotne that often has light veins running through it. It stands for love and compassion.

Iwas told that different roses mean different things, is this true?

Stand Out in a Crowd

Send her a dozen roses - with a twist. Send 11 red roses and one white one. Attach a note that reads, "In every bunch, there's one who stands out - and you are that one!"

What do fragrances mean?


This ancient fragrance is one of the special gifts the wise men brought in the Bible. It is a symbol of faith.

What do flowers mean?


Calla: Beauty
Day: Flirtation
Tiger: Pride, extravagance
White: Purity, innocence

What do fragrances mean?


Very popular during Victorian times, lavender was a sign of sincerity.

How do I deal with my cancer lover?


June 22 - July 22

Your cancer lover is cautious, protected by his shell from the outside world. He is protective of his home and family, loving tradition and tenderness. Give him a quiet evening at home as a treat, with a gift that he can treasure for years.

We always argue, should we break up?


April 21 - May 20

Taurus is the strong, sturdy, traditional lover. A Taurus lover enjoys home and hearth, and would love an evening by the fire in comfortable surroundings. To please a Taurus lover, show your devotion, and develop traditions you both can share for years.

What does the sapphire mean?


While the blue sapphire is best known, sapphires do come in other colors as well. It is the birthstone for September, and represents truth and loyalty.

What do roses mean?


The rose is perhaps the most often given flower, and has a wealth of meanings dating back to ancient days.

Red rosebuds - confession of new love
Red rose - love
White rose - pure love
Pink rose - friendship

How do I get along with a gemini?


May 21 - June 21

Gemini are very easy going, and are able to see all sides of an issue. Gemini enjoy spending time with friends - hold a party, or invite some friends over for a fun evening to please your Gemini partner. Go out for a long evening of food and music, and enjoy the pleasure of each other's company.

What does the emerald mean?


Emerald is the birthstone for May. It is thought to symbolize long love, emotional healing and dedication.

What is a lovers knot?

Origami Lover's Knot

In Japan, there's a special origami which creates the lover's knot. This origami seals the message tightly within, and by writing or making a brushmark on the outside, it can always be told if anyone else tried to read it because the origami could never be folded to exactly match afterwards. Learn how to pass your own origami-notes!

How do I know if he/she loves me?


February 19 - March 20

Pisces are quiet, dreamy, gentle, and avoid conflict. To please a Pisces, find ways to discuss your differences rather than fight about them. Appeal to the dreamy qualities of your Pisces lover with gifts that are artistic and imaginative. Go on a trip to see famous paintings, or to walk in the footsteps of a favorite novelist.

Iwas told that different roses mean different things, is this true?

Turnabout is Fair Play

Women, have you ever given a guy flowers? Why not? Most men (82%) say they would appreciate the gesture. You can get them any type of flowers, but try a theme:

~Many different kinds all in shades of their favorite color
~Put it in a manly vase, such as a tin bucket, a small tackle box, etc.

What do fragrances mean?

Orange Blossom

This tropical scent means harmony and easy living.

What does peridot symbolize?


This light green gem is often used in multicolor bracelets. It is the birthstone of August and symbolizes protection, safety, and security.

What is amethyst good for?


This stone's legend has Bacchus, god of wine, feeling angry and looking for someone to take his anger out on. Amethyst was a maiden going to worship Diana, goddess of the hunt. When Bacchus spotted Amethyst and was going to hurt her, Diana turned Amethyst into a clear stone to save her. Bacchus felt sorry for her and poured his purple wine over her. Amethyst is supposed to be great for wine lovers, and offers intuition.

What do flowers mean?


You're in my thoughts always - often sent to a love that is far away.

What is a claddagh ring?

Claddagh Ring

This Irish ring has two hands clasping, with a crown over them. This was traditionally given to a young woman by her love, who was going overseas to America. It was for her to remember him until he returned to her. Since the ring is given as a token of love, wearing it "in a direction" to indicate you're available is sort of counter productive :)

What do flowers mean?


Modesty, quiet love, humility, faithfulness, virtue. The ideal flower for someone who is is true and blue in your life.

What does opal stand for?


Opal is October's birthstone. It is a symbol of trust and confidence.

What do flowers mean?


A sign of faithfulness and marriage. Tuck this in with other flowers.

What does a ruby mean?


The Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is brilliant red and often a sign of true love, of passionate love. In ancient times it was given as a way to make up after a lover's quarrel.

What does citrine symbolize?


Citrine is a gorgeous yellow gem that is often used with other gems to make multicolored bracelets. It is sometimes used as the birthstone for November, and symbolizes health and youth.

How can I kiss him eaven when he´s away, without the telephone or comp

Flower Reminders

Dry all the flowers he gives you. Create potpourri, fill a tulle pillow, or glue to a wreath or picture frame -- anything that will be a visible reminder of his thoughtfulness.

What do flowers mean?


White daisies are a sign of innocence and pure love.

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