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Symbols For a Healthy Relationship

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Symbols For a Healthy Relationship

The Chinese have many symbols and charms when it comes to prosperity, abundance or healthy relationships. In Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, having a successful and healthy relationship includes many happy children. Symbols are said to bring luck and good fortune, but they can activate love as well.

Some of the best Feng Shui principles and symbols for obtaining a good relationship include:
1. Determine the partnership area of the home (far right corner) and place a rose quartz crystal in the room. Clear or pink round crystal balls are also nice in the bedroom.
2. Mandarin ducks are famous symbols of lovers and fidelity. Place a pair in any space to create positive atmosphere for love to grow.
3. Place a pair of geese in a home to encourage a happy marriage.
4. The peony signifies love and romance and is highly valued in China. Peonies in a living room draw suitors to a young woman. Even a picture of a peony is a good idea in the living room.
5. A butterfly is a symbol of young love so it is not as appropriate for a woman. Place a lovely butterfly in any room to encourage an active social life(social butterfly).
6. Two red paper lanterns lit on the side of the bed at the same time and extinguished at the same time signify a long happy marriage.

Try any of these symbols in your home and see what happens. I painted my bedroom pink with the intention of finding a husband and two weeks later, we met.



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