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Essential Oils for a Personal Love Potion

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Essential Oils for a Personal Love Potion

Love potions, charms or spells date back to ancient civilization. Fragrance and incense have been used in all cultures to conjure up love, romance and ignite passions of the heart. Certain essential oils are thought to be aphrodisiacs and many swear by the effect they have on the libido. Others are skeptical and think aphrodisiacs are a bunch of hooey. Make your own aphrodisiac with a few simple ingredients. Once you try it, decide for yourself.

For love and romance, I would suggest blending a massage oil using rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils with a carrier oil such as sweet almond. Drop 5 to 7 drops of each essential oil in a clean two oz. container and add the carrier oil to the top. Shake and use the massage oil when the mood strikes you. Other aromatherapy oils to consider are neroli, patchouli, clary sage, jasmine and black pepper. You be the judge and pick the oils that are perfect for you. If you set the mood, put yourself in the right frame of mind and add a little aromatic scent, who knows what will happen? You could create magic.



12/10/2007 6:15:17 AM
Peggy said:

I like that it is all natural oils. There is less likely to be an allergic reation.

4/16/2008 7:11:38 AM
Tami said:

OMG.. This is so true..My friend loves the massages.. I use a blend of lavender, chamomille and almond oil.. it is the bomb. Huge turn on. Try it you get huge results. And its relaxing.. set the mood hoorahh!!


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