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Finding Compatible Singles Tips

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Singles Events – Speed Dating

Singles events can take a variety of forms: dinners, parties, sporting events. The objective is to provide an environment where singles can mingle and meet others they are interested in dating. From this idea, an even more direct approach evolved - “speed dating.”

Speed dating is an event where you are seated across from someone you have never met. You are asked to talk with him/her for a short time (only a few minutes) to determine if you have any romantic interest you'd like to pursue. After a short interval of time, a signal is given that it is time to switch partners. This continues until you have met with everyone at the event, usually between ten and twenty people.

When the gathering is over, everyone turns in a card indicating who they would like to date. When two people both indicate they are interested in one another, a facilitator notifies and assists the two parties in connecting.

Generally people who attend speed dating events are professionals with little time to go out and meet people or they are sick of the bar scene. It can be a fun, adventurous alternative to what you've tried before.


Singles Events

Singles events are social events meant to help people find local singles. Events may include dinners, parties, dancing, wine tasting, camping, hiking, ski trips, sailing, etc. Singles events provide an opportunity for singles to meet new people with similar interests.

Singles events are different than dating services. You are not matched up with others. Instead, events are held to provide a fun experience where singles can more easily approach (and be approached by) other singles.

This is a good alternative for those uncomfortable with the anonymity of online dating. And, it is a more economical choice than a matchmaking service.


Looking for Singles

Online dating sites are a popular option when trying to find single women or find single men. In fact, their popularity has caused so many sites to crop up it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here's how to pick one that is a good match for you:

  1. Talk to friends and family. So many people have used online dating, it is fairly easy to find a recommendation. Just ask around and you will be surprised at how much information you discover.
  2. Consider a Specialized Site. If you know you are interested in dating someone with a specific interest, ethnic background, religious affiliation or other defining characteristic you can make use of a site specializing in the particular niche of your choosing.
  3. Conduct an Internet Search. Use the keywords “online dating sites” or “online personals” to research popular dating websites.
  4. Try it out. Several sites will offer a free trial period or have portions of the site you can access without payment. Play around with a few and see what you like.


Singles Matchmaking Services

Singles matchmaking services are one option to find relationships. Staff people have personal contact with all members. The objectives are to create matches, introduce members and facilitate dating. The staff are meant to be knowledgeable and possess a certain level of expertise in making compatible matches.

To assist with pairing members, staff collect personal data on each person as they join the matchmaking service. The information members are asked to submit pertains to their own personal characteristics and regarding what they are looking for. Depending on the service, personality testing and/or a videotaped interviews may be done as well.

A database is maintained of all members. Staff make matches by searching and pairing like individuals. Some services maintain video interviews that can be previewed by members.


Find Local Singles

When looking to find singles in your area it will save you time if you put thought into your search before you begin. The more you can identify about who you're looking for, the quicker you will succeed. Once you know what you want, take it online! Now days many sites don't stick to general singles matchmaking. Instead, you can be very specific in your search to find single men or to find single women. Examples of specialized sites include:

  • BBW Personals
  • Asian Dating
  • Black Singles
  • Christian Singles
  • Latin Dating
  • Jewish Singles


Singles Clubs

Singles clubs are composed of members that participate in activities and events planned by the club. It is based on the idea that sharing experiences like dinners, dancing, rafting, and trips allow you to see other members as they really are. The focus is to provide a fun and comfortable place to find singles in your area.

Generally, the club plans several events a month. Members sign up for the ones they are interested in. Events are hosted by an event coordinator who introduces everyone and makes sure people are socializing.

Depending on the club, there may be a screening interview required. Membership fees vary. There are additional costs involved with many of the events.


Singles Events – Speed Dating

Singles, following a divorce, can prepare for dating again by taking the opportunity to seek out old and new friends. Support and friendship can strengthen you as you recover and develop new independence. Once you're on the other side of the recovery process, you'll know when you're ready to date again. You'll be able to distinguish between dating out of loneliness and neediness vs. being ready for healthy companionship.

Once you are ready to date, you can take advantage of a variety of online services. These include sites devoted to Jewish singles and online communities. Personals, chat groups, message boards and emailing are options. You can also learn of area social plans, speed dating events, singles clubs and more.

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