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Singles Events – Speed Dating

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Singles Events – Speed Dating

Singles events can take a variety of forms: dinners, parties, sporting events. The objective is to provide an environment where singles can mingle and meet others they are interested in dating. From this idea, an even more direct approach evolved - “speed dating.”

Speed dating is an event where you are seated across from someone you have never met. You are asked to talk with him/her for a short time (only a few minutes) to determine if you have any romantic interest you'd like to pursue. After a short interval of time, a signal is given that it is time to switch partners. This continues until you have met with everyone at the event, usually between ten and twenty people.

When the gathering is over, everyone turns in a card indicating who they would like to date. When two people both indicate they are interested in one another, a facilitator notifies and assists the two parties in connecting.

Generally people who attend speed dating events are professionals with little time to go out and meet people or they are sick of the bar scene. It can be a fun, adventurous alternative to what you've tried before.



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