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Relationship Techniques Tips

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What are love types?

Types of Love

Do you know the different types of love? What type of love do you have?

Phileo: Brotherly love, between family and close friends
Eros: Romantic, passionate love
Storge: strong love that protects and secures, built up over a long time
Agape: selfless love

Your romantic relationship is at its best when your love is a combination of these four.

How to surprise them?

gQQd morning

The night before your anniversary, after your spouse is asleep, place a greeting card in front of the alarm clock, then, in the morning, ask what time it is.

what are types of love?

Unheathy types of love

Mania: intensely jealous, possessive, in need of constant reassurance of partner's love. Projects desired qualities on partner
Epithumia: Desire that found its fulfillment in sexual love. Quick to arouse, quick to fade. No commitment involved
Ludos: a collector of loves, similar to a gigolo

If your love relationship resembles any of these three, it is destructive and you should get out.

How to spice it up?

Beat the TV

This anniversary, turn up the heat at home by unplugging your TV.
Put a note on the screen for your partner that says, 'Turn me on instead.'

In the case of a remote-a-holic, add note there, also.

How to remeber the good things?

From one year to the next

Create a Time Capsule- Put wonderful things that remind you of your love for each other in it. On your next anniversary, dig it up and look at it. Then add more momentos/ Time capsules are easy to find as there were so many made for the new millenium, therefore really nice ones are inexpensive.

How to seem closer?

A Hug goes a long way

Send your love a teddy bear or a piece of clothing of yours that they particularly enjoyed. Make sure you spritz lots and lots of your perfume/cologne on the surprise gift. That way when they receive it, they will get a familiar smell everytime they pick up the gift even though you can't be there yourself.

How do I show I care?


Be Eloquent: When you sign your anniversary card, don't just sign it 'love.' Be eloquent; be creative; make sure your personality and your feelings shine through.
Yours through all of eternity, ect.

What can I do to make my home more romantic?

Set the mood

The bedroom is your private, romantic hideaway.
Make sure your boudoir is ready for a hot and sexy anniversary celebration -- do a little redecorating. First step, get rid of the TV (cover it up). Dim the lights, put some flowers on the nightstand or sprinkle petals on the bed, light a scented candle or two.
Place twinkling white lights in unusual places.

How to be romantic?

A flower a day...

Keeps the LDR blues away.

Send her flowers to tell her you miss her. If you have the finances, have a flower sent to her every day you're apart. Hand-deliver the last one to her on the day you see each other again.

How to keep in touch?

Phone Free

Being in a long distance relationship is hard, but it also can be expensive. A large telephone bill is just one of the added costs. But now you can talk to your sweetheart for free by using your PCs. All you have to do is go to and download their software. You must also have a headset, or speakers and a microphone. This should help you save on phone charges and talk to each other more often.

How to be romantic?

Wishing on a Star

Look up in the sky at night. Pick out a star. Call her and tell her to look out her window. Describe to her how to find the star you're looking at. Tell her that every time you look at the star, you'll think of her, and you'll make a wish. Tell her to think about you whenever she looks at the star, and to also make a wish. Chances are, you'll both end up wishing for the same thing.

How to show you care?

Romantic Homepage

Set your sweetheart's web browser to display a romantic web page at start-up. Some good sites include Love Stories, Loving You, and Get Romantic. If you have your own web page, create a special one just for him or her. Then change the settings of the browser. For Netscape users, go to Edit>Preferences>Navigator. Under "home page" type in the address of the page you'd like to display. For Internet Explorer, under the preferences section, on the general tab, you'll find "home page." Enter the address in the space provided.

How to communicate?

Going the distance

When you're involved in a long distance relationship, communication becomes more important than ever. Here are some strategies for making a long distance romance grow and thrive.

-send a daily can send a funny, loving or cute greeting every day without much work just by sending an e-greeting. This will let your love know you're thinking of them.
-send pictures often...include pics of friends and occasions that you didn't get to share with your love.
-make special phone dates and make sure you concentrate on your partner during those times.
-buy an inexpensive computer cam for both of you so you can chat online and see each other.

Everything you do to make the space between you shrink will help you to weather the distance and keep the love shining bright.

How to keep in touch?

I Just Called to Say

Send your love a pre-paid calling card. Attach a note that says, "I love hearing your voice," or something equally romantic.

How to pop the question?

Will you?

You only get one shot at asking for your love's hand in marriage {we hope}...Make it count. If your partner is outgoing, you can ask them in a big way by calling the local ballfield and asking them to put it on the jumbo-tron. If they're shy, ask in private but tuck a running video camera somewhere to capture the moment.

What can I doon the internet to make a difference?

Postcard Flood

Fill your sweetheart's email box with e-postcards. Make a theme of it: places you'd like to go together, qualities about him or her that you admire, things you'd like to do together, etc.

How to get closer?

Online romance tips

Take your online romance a step closer to reality by preparing for chat like you prepare for a date. It's easier to visualize e-love if you're dressed in something that makes you feel pretty than it is if you're jammed into your sweats.

How to communicate?

Sound sensations

Add sound to your chats with one of the web-based programs that are free and easily available. You can go to to download PowWow or for FreeTel....connect a mic and headphones to your computer and you and all your friends can make free web-calls all over the world.

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