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How do I deal with my Aries lover?


March 21 - April 20

Your Aries lover is full of energy and drive. Play to that energy by finding things to do that direct the energy in positive ways - go biking, or skiing, or travelling in new places. Aries want to be where things are being done. Go celebrate the opening of a new museum, or toast a new restaurant.



11/16/2007 11:11:03 AM
Gwen said:

My male friend is an Aries, he is very energetic, loves to travel, like busy places, and attention. He likes to show off...and is very materialistic. He loves being in multiple relationships, and think that I should accept it. He is a full time liar, I guess to protect his stupidity. He do have a good heart, however, He tends to play with my feelings.

5/12/2010 2:07:07 PM
princesskeke1997 said:

my friend amber is a aries she is very exciting and fun to play with she likes to travel and go different places just like it said thanks for telling what a aries is and there just like they said you were

9/7/2010 12:56:40 PM
Lynne said:

I am an Aries and yes I do like to have fun, travel, but am not so worried about materialism. I value family and true friends. I enjoy spontaneity and little surprises as well as making little surprises for my partner. I am a romantic at heart.


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