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Rose Quartz – A Natural ‘Love Stone'

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Rose Quartz – A Natural ‘Love Stone'

Finding and keeping a healthy relationship isn't easy so get a little help from the center of the earth. Everyone knows diamonds are a girl's best friend, but have you thought about using other natural crystals and gemstones when it comes to loving yourself and others?

Rose quartz is a natural choice for finding love and is often called the ‘Love Stone'. Rose quartz is one of the most happy and soothing of all the earth's crystals.
Quartz crystals hold distinct vibrations that help us return to our inner source. Rose quartz in particular affects the heart chakra where negative patterns from past relationships are held. These patterns must be released before true love can happen. This is easier said than done, because many of us have a lot of work in loving ourselves. You would not tear down a house if a window were broken, so be patient when it comes to accepting yourself unconditionally.

The natural place to use a rose quartz crystal is on the heart, so a necklace ideal. Surround the quartz with rhodonite for added patience as you go through the growing process. If you want to work with a larger piece of rose quartz, gently hold it in your hand and repeat a positive affirmation of love and self-acceptance. Try placing the quartz under your pillow and allow the dreams to help you release the past. Sit with the quartz in your hand during meditation or place it in the partnership area (far right corner) of your desk. Have it hold the intention of finding or improving a relationship. When it comes to relationships, let the earth help you with the journey from the past into the present -experiment with different pieces of rose quartz.



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