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Online Safety Tips

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What are you some online dating safety tips?

Online Safety Tips

Internet dating safety is maximized by exercising common sense and trusting your instincts. Just as you wouldn't give out personal or identifying information when meeting a stranger on the street, the same applies here. Although the anonymity of an online relationship can tempt you to share more at a faster rate, remember this is still a stranger.

Online safety depends on you guarding your identity, going slowly and discontinuing contact with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. It is also important to never give in to pressure to divulge information you are uncomfortable giving or proceed to a step you are not ready for. Keep these things in mind:

--Guard your identity.
--Remain anonymous until you feel safe and ready to explore other options.
--Don't include your real name or city of residence within your email address, dating profile or in your username.
--Go slow. Take your time getting comfortable talking online.
--Don't use a sexy name. It will get attention, but not the type you'd like.

When you are ready, move to phone conversations providing only your first name and cell phone number. Don't let anyone rush you into meeting or giving out more information than you want to share.



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