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Online Relationship Advice – Increase Those Responses!

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How do I get more responses for my online profile?

Online Relationship Advice – Increase Those Responses!

Online Relationship Advice – Increase Those Responses!

Post at least one photo . Dating pictures are one of the first things people look for when browsing dating profiles.

Keep it simple . Avoid rambling in your dating profile. Get to the point and keep things light.

Use humor if it comes naturally to you. Do not force it or it will appear awkward. Also, m ake sure the humor translates well into written form. Remember your audience does not know you and can not read your body language.

Be confident. If you sound like you don't like yourself, others will take your word for it.

Do not post adult-oriented content (e.g. nudity, sexual language). This is likely to make others uncomfortable a



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