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Online Dating Photos

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What can I do to make my online dating photo more appealing?

Online Dating Photos

Many people who visit online dating sites will only look at profiles with photos. At the same time, think carefully about who might recognize you from that photo -- your ex? your boss? your kids? If you don't post a photo, indicate in your profile that you're willing to exchange photos via e-mail.
The right photo can make a big difference in the response to your e-mail. Most sites let you post more than one. Use your photo to convey something about yourself - if you use a photo of yourself doing the things you like best, you're more likely to come across as happy and confident.
Be honest. Use a photo that's up to date and not doctored. Yes, you can paste your head on the body of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but eventually you're going to want to meet this person live, and your date probably won't buy the "I'm bulking up for my next movie role" excuse.



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