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Searching for Perfection

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How do you commit?

Searching for Perfection

Is one of the reasons that you're wary of committing that your partner isn't quite right? Is he a bit too tubby, is she a bit too plain? Does she not make enough money? Does he laugh too loudly at parties?

Many people have "ideal prince/princess" templates in their heads that they compare all partners against. They feel like they're "settling" if they end up with someone who doesn't match their ideals. Be sure you're being realistic! Perfect people do not exist. Does your partner love you? Do you work well together, treat each other well, and have fun? If so, learn to truly accept those quirks that make your partner unique. You will find you might already *have* your prince or princess right in your arms.



10/15/2008 9:53:54 AM
J said:

This is completely my issue. At 32 yrsold and many failed relationships you would think I would have gotten it! Thanks for making this clear!


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