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Take Your Time

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When should we marry?

Take Your Time

A lot of times when you're swept up in the rush of new love you want to marry NOW. You have these intense feelings and don't think they can ever end. A good portion of that 'rush' is your hormones reacting the way nature intended them to. Really get to know your partner. Take your time. Once the hormones have settled back down to a normal level, and you really understand your partner as a *person* that has daily concerns, shares chores, works towards common goals, and can handle your own day to day quirks, this is when you should start considering making a life-long commitment.



4/12/2009 8:21:50 PM
lori said:

this is a great tip, but very hard to remember! I'm in a new relationship with a wonderful man I've known for years! even though we've been friends for a while, its hard to remember that I have to let the rush die down and really concentrate on the getting to know each other better!


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