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Understand your own Weaknesses

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What is a soulmate?

Understand your own Weaknesses

Most people have built in weaknesses when it comes to seeking partners. It might be that you're drawn to the 'wild boy' that you hope to tame, or that you're attracted to the 'flirtatious girl' that you'll be the one she finally settles down with.

If your aim is to have a soulmate, don't go into a relationship trying to change your partner. You want to find someone who *is* great for you, not someone who *will* be great for you once you convince him/her to change a lot. Make a list of the qualities your soulmate will have, and make sure those are what you're paying attention to.



11/13/2007 3:09:49 PM
weston said:

what happens when you already been with someone for over a year, and you really want to make it work, but reading this is bringing to my attention that im trying to hard to change her... she needs to change, but I shouldnt try to change her


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