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The Top 5 Apps for Relationships

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The Top 5 Apps for Relationships

Relationships can be tough no matter what. Other issues, like social media and distance can complicate matters even further. Instead of fighting over how much time that either one of you spends on your smartphone, use it to your advantage with apps that can strengthen your bond. Fix up your love with these 5 apps.

1. Avocado on Android or iPhone

This app, created by a couple, allows you and your love to stay close no matter the distance. You can message each other, send photos, create lists or a calendar for upcoming dates, digitally archive your relationship, and even send kisses.

2. Couple on Android or iPhone

Keep your bond strong in this app designed for two. You can instant message each other, send voice messages, create sketches, and even ThumbKiss, where you both touch the screen to simulate a kiss.

3. HeyTell on Android or iPhone

For long distance love, this app allows you to communicate through voice chat without any costs. This is a great alternative to FaceTime for non-iPhone users.

4. Wunderlist on Android or iPhone

If you have a tough time organizing who does what chores with your live-in significant other, Wunderlist can help with manageable to-do lists. Sometimes some notifications don't work as expected though.

5. Icebreak on iPhone

Icebreakers are small questions that can get let you get to know someone better. Perfect for two people dating, new couples or those that just want to strengthen their bond, this app lets you answer fun questions and converse privately.



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