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Time for Marriage Counseling

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Time for Marriage Counseling

Many relationship problems can be eased with the help of a marriage therapist. Of course it is not necessary to run to couples counseling every time an argument occurs. How do you know when it is time for relationship help? Here are some indicators to help you make the decision:

You always get stuck in the same spot on key issues or things never get resolved

Discussions generally turn into arguments

Arguments seem to hurt more than they help or contain yelling, blaming each other, name calling, put downs

You feel like giving up, like things are too broke to fix or that too many things have added up to ever make things right again

The two of you have never learned good communication skills

One or both of you avoid conflict and nothing is ever discussed

You no longer feel like you know one another

You're angry or irritated at your partner a good part of the time

You feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster

You feel completely unaffected by or disconnected from your spouse

You're considering having an affair or one of you has had an affair

Your home and relationship are no longer emotionally comforting



2/17/2009 3:31:24 AM
Goldie said:

Yes I can say that my relation with my husband has all the above problems, and I am convinced that I/we need to see a marriage counsellor.


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