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Signs of Cheating (Yourself)

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I am engaged and afraid to take the next step. My fiancée stares at other women. Also, he initially hid that he was dating someone else when we met. Are these signs he will cheat? Am I just being jealous?

Signs of Cheating (Yourself)

How do you know if your mate's behavior shows signs he is going to cheat? You are bothered by his looking at other women. He lied to you about being single when you first met. You worry you are ‘just being jealous.'

First things first, stop trying to decide if your feelings are valid. His possible infidelity is secondary to this betrayal of yourself. Judgment of your emotions negates their (and your) importance. Accepting and communicating who you are is necessary before you can determine what either of you are capable of.

Without blame or judgment, explain your concerns to your partner. Your goal is to share your emotions and worries, not to assign blame to either of you. Avoid telling him he is wrong, bad or responsible for your reaction. Do not give into feeling silly or apologetic for your feelings.

Expect him to respond badly at first. A defensive reaction is normal, not a sign he does not care. Do not give up or argue with him. Instead, reassure him of your love and investment in making the relationship work. Repeat this process until he hears you.



8/24/2007 1:10:58 PM
Melanie D C said:

I am a firm believer in a intuition. What ever your gut is telling you, go with it. Pattern changes are huge. When they stop doing the very thing that brought you two together, BIG indication theres something going on! When you become secondary to his daily life, it's time to start doing some inquiries. Don't ignore warning signs!


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