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Work At Home – Stay Focused

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Work At Home – Stay Focused

Working at home is not for everyone. People that require daily contact with co-workers or others to provide motivation and discipline should think twice before setting up a home office. On the other side, you do not have to commute, your hours are more flexible and owning a business in the home allows tax breaks. If you have made the decision that becoming an entrepreneur is for you, here are some tips to help your success.

1. Become ultra-organized. This will increase productivity and keep you focused and on track.
2. Set up a strict structure when you ‘go to your office' and when you ‘leave the office'. Treat this time as if you were actually leaving the house for a job.
3. Network with other people that are working in the home. You will feel less isolated and pick up good ideas for keeping structured focus on the job.
4. Create a professional website for the business. This is not a hobby.
5. Use online communities in your business area. A wealth of ideas is available online.
6. Have the best resources you can afford. It is difficult to maintain a high business level if you are using old office equipment or dial up Internet access.
7. Keep all of your personal and professional contacts in tact. Email them regularly and call them when it is appropriate. You never know how these contacts can help you become successful in your new business.



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