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Reduce Stress and Maintain Balance One Box at a Time

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Reduce Stress and Maintain Balance One Box at a Time

A hectic lifestyle can burn out every type of personality if it isn't kept in check. Reduce stress and maintain balance in your life by looking around your house. What things are cluttered and out of place or just sitting around collecting dust? What room do you hate going into? Do you have drawers that will not open and close with ease? These things are not serving you; they are only confusing your conscious and subconscious mind. This confusion will make you feel tired and stressed so why not change your surroundings and clean your house at the same time.

1. Keep the things you believe are beautiful or useful. You will feel better because these objects are now supporting a balanced life.
2. Start with one box in the garage or basement that has not been opened in years and decide immediately if it should stay or be thrown out. Do not second-guess your first instinct. Use the first tip as your guide.
3. Move your collectibles around or rearrange the furniture. This movement begins to clear the stagnant energy around you and you may realize you do not need all this stuff. If you do not need it, give it away or throw it out.
4. Go through your closet and try on all of your clothes. If you haven't worn an item in over a year, you probably won't so give it away and let someone else benefit.

Whenever you begin clearing the things away that aren't serving you, balance is restored and you will feel less stress and more peaceful.



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