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Teens and Sex

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Am I too young to have sex?

Teens and Sex

Even though you may be physically capable of having sex as a teenage, you may not be mature enough to handle the strong emotions that a sexual relationship can induce. In addition, sex can expose you to unwanted consequences such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases if you're not careful.
Until you're mature enough to handle such a relationship, avoid situations where you may be tempted to have sex. Alcohol and drugs lower your inhibitions and make you more vulnerable to saying to "yes" to things you would otherwise say "no" to. You may be mature enough to have sex if you:
-- Know how to differentiate between wanting love and wanting sex.
-- Can set boundaries and stick to them.
-- Are willing to take responsibility for protecting yourself and your partner from pregnancy and STDs.
-- Can resist pressure from a partner who says things like "You would if you loved me."
-- Can tell the difference between a trusting, honest relationship and a manipulative one.



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