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"Just Looking"?

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How can we set healthy boundaries around the use of pornography in our relationship?

"Just Looking"?

Forbes magazine estimates pornography businesses earn somewhere around $3 billion a year. Many adults enjoy viewing erotic or sexual images, and spend money and time on this pursuit.
In a marriage, porn can be a turn-on, if both partners are interested in the content and use it to get ideas for creatively expressing their desire for one another. Frequently, though, one partner uses pornography as an escape from his mate, who then becomes angry or hurt.
If porn is a problem in your relationship, begin by speaking to your partner about your feelings, and consider the help of a couples therapist.
In general, pornography is just like any other "addictive" activity (hobbies, computer games, television). It may be fun in moderation, but if it's taking away time that you should be spending with your spouse, it's time to cut back and work on changing your life instead of trying to escape from it.



4/23/2008 10:28:07 PM
lanalu said:

Yeah..pornography is actually harmful to a relationship especially if both partners are watching it together. Trust me, it leads to other disrespectful and horrible things that break up a relationship.

2/17/2009 3:51:12 AM
sally said:

Yes I agree, my partner looks a porn and always says that its better to loook at porn, than to go get it. But I feel that I don't satisfy him, and that is why he has the need to watch it.

5/6/2009 9:37:29 AM
janet said:

i look at porn and would be more than happy to look at it with my partner. in fact, i probably watch just as much pornography as most guys. it's a turn on and that's all.


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