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Before You Move In Together

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What do we need to think about before we move in together?

Before You Move In Together

You're in love, everything is fantastic, your friends can see little Cupids sitting on your shoulders. Time to move in together!
Living together before marriage used to be scandalous. Today it's common, though not universally approved (especially by parents). Living together can be a step toward closeness in your relationship, but it's also a financial and practical move.
Before you move in together, consider:
-- How your partner deals with money. Can you rely on this person to pay his or her share of the living expenses? How will the two of you divide up the bills?
-- What your expectations are for the relationship. If one partner is expecting this to lead to marriage, while the other is thinking "great! roommate with benefits!", you have a problem.
-- How you both handle household chores. Does one of you have much higher standards of neatness than the other? How will you divide cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other duties? What compromises are you willing to make in your own notions of how a household should work?
-- What your pet peeves are, and talk about them.



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