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The "L" Word

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What does it mean when my partner says "I love you"?

The "L" Word

Love is a heavy word. In a romantic relationship, it implies a deep level of intimacy and caring.
Love is a verb. Saying "I love you" in words is important for many people -- some of us can never hear it enough -- but saying it in actions is even better. Here are some ways to say "I love you."
-- Behaving politely to your partner's friends and family.
-- Celebrating your partner's achievements, whether that means attending his work parties or throwing a big bash when she gets her plumbing license.
-- Offering emotional or practical support during rough times.
-- Sharing your expertise to make your partner's life better (changing the oil in his car, rewriting her resume).
-- Small gifts that show consideration for your partner's unique tastes and personality (for instance, remembering that she would rather have daffodils than roses, or keeping his favorite coffee on your shelf).



11/6/2008 7:40:13 AM
Karen said:

We never know a person until we have an argument. To those I love, I'd rather pluck out my own eyes than to hurt them, so if we disagree, the urgency is to resolve it quickly and thoroughly and as pain-free as possible. Insults and bringing up the past is not a good way to argue with someone you love. Stick to the issues and have the intention of resolving it. Don't name call.
Give the other person relevance even if you think they are wrong. They are entitled to their own way of seeing life.
It is important that we injure love as little as possible.


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