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Flirting With Your Spouse

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Do married people flirt with each other?

Flirting With Your Spouse

Can you flirt with your own husband or wife? Yes -- in fact, you probably should!
Flirting is a way of noticing someone, of conveying the fact that you find that person interesting and attractive. When you've been together for a while, it's easy to take one another for granted and fail to send those signals. Flirting with your spouse is a kind of insurance against relationship problems like boredom and resentment.
Ideas for flirting with your spouse:
-- Let him catch you doing a household chore you know he hates.
-- At a party full of attractive people, scan the room, and let your eyes stop on her. Then don't look at anyone else.
-- Wear something you know he likes.
-- Look into her eyes when she's talking.
-- Tell him something you appreciate about him.



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