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Friends With an Ex?

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I want to stay friends with my ex. Can this work?

Friends With an Ex?

After a breakup, many people find they miss the other person -- even though they may not miss specific relationship problems -- and thus state the intention of staying "friends."

It's fine to treat one another with civility, particularly if you are likely to meet one another at social events. It's also a kind gesture not to run around bad-mouthing the other person.

But at best, pursuing a friendship with an ex takes up time that you could be spending building a healthy relationship with a new partner. At worst, it could open the door for cheating or rejection.



3/2/2009 6:13:58 PM
pam said:

i have fallen so deeply with my ex that after we broke up, the pain was killing me. he initiated the break up telling me the feeling have already died, and his ex is coming into the picture. the same day, he was calling me and sending me messages telling me that he misses me so much. i tried to ignore his effort for days. after sometime, i answered his message, telling him i'm fine, and the communication line was opened. we started seeing each other again, the feeling was still there, the only difference is that, i don't know where i stand. we became pseudo lovers. in the eyes of his parents, it is still the two of us. his parents would even open the topic of marriage to us, and we can't say a single thing.
he also keeps on reassuring me that i will be me he's going to marry but he is in a relationship with his ex. i feel so damned but i cant just let him ruin his life. his gf is a no good person. his parents would surely damped him for this girl, and for sure he'll just be miserable. every time, i get into realization, i am bidding him goodbye and that i don't like my stand. it feels like, i'm the legal partner but the truth is that i'm just a background. but every time i try to say good bye, he would beg me and that he'll promise me to put things to order. and recently, we always see each other and have things arrange. now, there's US again. i can feel that we are better now, but doubts feels my heart. will he cheat on me again? why did he broke it up with me but seems like he can't bear life without me? does he really love me? is the 2nd chance worth it all?


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