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"Just Friends"

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Is it possible to be "just friends" with someone of the opposite sex?

"Just Friends"

Many people find friends can be members of the opposite sex without at all endangering their relationships. Yet it may be easy for a partner to get jealous.

Here's how to tell whether a friendship is a relationship problem. If your partner and the friend have a good time together, that's fine -- as long as they include you. If your partner is reluctant to invite the friend over, take you along on outings with the friend, or include you in their private jokes, then there may be a problem -- even if it's just an unacknowledge and never-acted-upon attraction.

A few tests to try:

-- Invite the friend for some one-on-one time without your partner present, doing something you both enjoy.

-- Suggest to your partner that the two of you fix the friend up with a new date.



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