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The Question of Sex

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How soon should I have sex with someone I've started dating?

The Question of Sex

Many people have sex because their feelings for a new partner are intense and exciting -- and why shouldn't they be? Yet at the same time, if you're in a stage of planning your life rather than simply seeking pleasure, it's important to spend time making sure this is someone worth a large chunk of your life.
The "right" time is different for each couple. Do what feels comfortable for you.



6/12/2007 1:47:32 PM
lana lund-myette said:

i totaly agree with this comment sex should be the next levelof the relationship and it should be done only when each party is ready and comfortable.

8/16/2007 9:25:45 AM
Mary said:

"Do what feels comfortable for you." - only works for people whom are emotionally mature. For those who arent, anything and everything can feel "comfortable." How do you know if you are aware of your own motives and needs? Hard to say, but it should be given a lot of thot and perhaps abstinance. Ask friends and family that you admire and look up to for advice, or healthy people that you want to be like.

1/16/2008 9:04:08 AM
ugotdrea said:

I guess it really is whatever time is right for each person.

I have gone through different phases sometimes sticking to celebacy and other times just enjoying being in the moment. There no one size fits all answer.


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