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Question 1

How do you feel about yourself?

I have low self esteem and many flaws.
I have good points and bad points, and accept them.
I have few if any flaws - my partner doesn´t deserve me.
It´s nearly impossible to be in a healthy, loving relationship if you don´t think much of yourself. Love is about two people choosing to be with each other to help support each other. If you don´t feel you´re of value, the relationship will be uneven. Nobody is perfect. Accept your flaws, accept your good parts, and present the wonderful, unique individual you are to your partner as your greatest gift.

Question 2

When did you know it was love?

It was love at first sight.
After a date or two I knew he/she was the one.
We dated for a while before I was sure he/she was my match.
I´m still not sure.
There really isn´t love at first sight. At first sight all you can tell is the clothes they chose from their closet, and the way their parents created their genetic code seem pleasing to you. In all likelihood they remind you of someone else, or of a movie character. That´s hardly something to base a relationship on. <P> Wait until you really get to know what makes this person unique. Find out their hopes and wishes, and not just what you hope and wish they might be like. When you really get to know someone, and accept them despite their flaws, that is when true love sets in.

Question 3

Are you always thinking about looking your best for your partner?

In true love, you´ve accepted each other completely, faults and all. You know that you´ll be completely accepted whether you show up in full makeup or dirty from the garden.

Question 4

Are you generally happy with your life outside your relationship?

If you go into a relationship as a content, happy person, then you are bringing yourself into the couple as a full partner. If you are running away from pain, and looking to your partner to ´rescue you´ from the unhappiness of your world on your own, it can lead to all sorts of problems. A relationship should not be a refuge, it should be a combining of two happy worlds into one that surpasses them both.

Question 5

Are you really jealous?

Being possessive and jealous is not a sign of love. These are signs that you are thought of as an object to be locked away, not as a human to be cared for. If the relationship is real, you both know that the other will stay with you.

Question 6

Is your partner the Perfect One?

I´m sorry, but in reality NOBODY is perfect :) Every person has their flaws and faults. When you get to love you have acknowledged them, and maybe worked out compromises for the things that really bother you, but you don´t pretend they don´t exist, and you don´t ignore them.

Question 7

When´s the last time you really talked together?

A While Ago
Many Moons Ago
Many Years Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far away ...
Most divorces are caused by ´failure to communicate´ or ´drifting apart´. This happens when people just don´t take time to really talk to each other, and listen to how each other is really feeling. Be sure that this is an important part of your relationship.

Question 8

Can you depend on your partner?

Yes, definitely
Sometimes, but not always
Not at all
A core feature of a strong relationship is trust. If you´re in trouble, you need to depend that your partner will try to help get you out. If you don´t have the sense that your partner is looking out for you, and that you´re looking out for your partner, it´s time to figure out why.

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