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The Tooth Fairy

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How can I be there for my son?

The Tooth Fairy

When kids think back on their childhoods, it's often not the big things that stand out. It's the little things, like waiting for the tooth fairy, or having you in the stands during his last game. Be there during the small events in his life - they may end up being his strongest memories.



3/5/2008 10:03:33 PM
Sandy said:

Like Sandta, This is sooo important in any child's life.
Ever since my girls were really little, I planned what the tooth fairy does, what she leaves, and how much under the pillow, what (I think) she looks like; when the child asks- (and they will), and what she writes to them in a letter. Here is our family's way…

Every time one of my girls looses a tooth, we put the tooth under the pillow (in the bag from the tooth fairy). We crack open the window about a half inch, (so the tooth fairy- and only the tooth fairy) can fly in. In the first time of visiting her, she leaves a special bag-(which is one of those potpourri bags) in her favorite color with 2 gold dollars inside, put back under her pillow. (I bought 4 rolls of $ 25 when they where really little, so they are still new and shiny) We save the bag for each time they lose a tooth, and use it to hold the tooth until the tooth fairy comes that night.

Along with the bag, the tooth fairy “writes” my daughter a glitter sprinkled letter- on her special tooth fairy stationary. It says how much she’s proud of her, and explains how she will get “grown-.up teeth” for her lifetime. So, she explains how to brush, how long to brush, what junky foods to stay away from and what to eat to help her teeth stay healthy and strong, don’t forget to floss and rinse, etc. In the letters for the rest of the teeth they lost, she talks about how she talks with our dentist to see how she is taking care of her teeth, and discuss when the next teeth should be coming out. (It makes it more valid to them). She leaves the letter either under my daughter pillow, or on her nightstand. As the tooth fairy leaves through the window, she makes a glitter mess from her wings and wand.
My girls LOVE this; it is something that will stay with them for their lifetime.
Hope you liked it. - Sandy


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