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She Is Not You

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How can I improve my mother-daughter relationship

She Is Not You

One of the key underlying problems in many mother-daughter relationships is that the mother sees the daughter as a "little her" - as someone who she can help avoid certain mistakes, and who can do what she never was able to do.

Try to separate your own feelings from that of your child. Your child is an individual, and may not want to do the things you wanted to do at her age. Sure, she may make the same mistakes, but just as you learned from them, so shall she.

You need to let your daughter grow and live and learn at her own pace, in her own style. Appreciate her for what she is, and don't try to make her into what you could have been.



12/11/2007 7:58:27 AM
destiny auxier said:

very true. My mom is trying to mold me into herself minus the mistakes. i want to be me and learn from my own mistakes. without having to go through her mistaakes, I still learned not to make the ones that she made. I am myself and i refuse to be another her!


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