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The Ick Factor

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What do I do when my partner says "ick" to something I enjoy?

The Ick Factor

No matter how open you feel you are about sex, there are undoubtedly some things that you would think were unreasonable. The same is true for each person - only the lines differ. If your partner is squeamish about something, do not try to bluster past this because you feel it is unreasonable. Let it slide, and then later on when you are both relaxed bring up the situation, and ask what it is that bothers your partner about it. Discuss it, and you might get a better insight into what about it bothers your partner, and perhaps reach a compromise.



7/10/2010 2:17:51 PM
poppy said:

I have always hated the "ick factor", a term I thought I had invented, for the period in every relationship I have ever had in which i become sexually turned usually happens after about a year. I have generally done things to make the other person leave me at this point so that I wouldnt have to tell them they gross me out. It's a really disappointing emotion because once it comes, there's no getting rid of it, and you realize that the sooner you end this, the sooner you can move on, but the problem is you know the pain and suffering is coming, and up until that point, you had a reason to continue in the relationship. Here's Karma for you; I am now in a relationship where I am pretty sure my mate has the "ick feeling" about me! Yet, when I try to end it, he always comes back begging...sometimes I wish I could run away


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