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Play Together and Stay Together

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How do I get closer to my spouse?

Play Together and Stay Together

Life gets tricky doesn't it? And the very person whom you love the most can actually drift away if you don't pause and take"fun" time together. A lot of couples come together to discuss money, holidays (the in-laws and the ex-laws), kids and the every busy calendar. Discussing these things can be stressful and usually doesn't build up your relationship. Instead, you gotta play together.
Get a board game, pick up a tennis racket, sign up for a fun run, go skiing, go shopping, but do something you both like together. Playing together lets you laugh, relax, and simply have fun together. It will bond you and remind you of why you love your one and only so very much.
Couples that daily take time to be together in an enjoyable and relaxing setting grow closer to each other. This bonding is priceless and can make the journey of life and your relationship a lot more fulfilling. Couples that play together can make it through the hard times much easier because they have their best friend right by them. Build up your relationship and spend time having fun together.



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