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Sex & Being a Single Parent

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Sex & Being a Single Parent

Singles dealing with the issue of sex during dating is scary enough. Trying to figure out how to handle dating and sex as a single parent may feel like it is enough to push you over the edge. If you are one of the brave ones (a.k.a. have children and dating), consider the following:

  • Practice safe sex. Reckless behavior is no longer an option as a parent. You risk your child becoming an orphan every time you have unprotected sex.
  • Just because you start having sex with someone you're dating does not mean it's time to introduce them to your child.
  • Don't introduce your kids to someone you're dating until a) you've determined that this is a good safe person; and b) the relationship is one you take seriously enough to think that this person may be in your life for a while.
  • Do not let your children see a dating partner “stay over” until the relationship is serious. Kids will eventually deduce that staying over means you're having sex. They shouldn't see this with multiple casual partners.



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very good thoughts. i would take it


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