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Online Dating Success

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Online Dating Success

Online personals allow you an opportunity to post your own unique dating profile or simply browse current postings looking for someone of interest to you. As you may notice, this is different than an online dating service because you remain in control at all times. With that in mind, you can increase the chance of your online dating success by remembering one simple tip about online personals: Always be yourself. Whether writing your dating profile, posting your dating pictures or during an online relationship, representing your true self increases your chance of a successful outcome.



4/23/2008 4:41:28 PM
Sam said:

This is very good advice. I, for one, can vouche for it. My high school boyfriend was a sweetheart. I loved him right to death and thought he would never hurt me. Sure he was uncomfortable with me hanging out with my guy friends, but I thought it was "cute". After about 2 years, he had pretty much forbidden me to see any of my guy friends. I wasn't allowed to do my hair or get dolled up when I was going out with my friends, if I was lucky enough for him to let me go out. Eventually things got so bad we went from bickering to down right physical fights. He threatened to kill my in my sleep, threatend to kill my dog, the list goes on. Then when I tried to break up with him me punched me in the face and choked me, then threw my car keys into a field. (we were sitting in my car at our old make out spot) I stayed with him long enough to make arrangements and moved across the state. So it isn't always a good sign when they are showing jealousy. Pay attention. And if you notice things going bad, get out before its to late!


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