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Online Safety Tips

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Online Safety Tips

The Internet brings single people together through online dating sites and singles chat rooms. But you might find that the wonderful person you're dating online is miles away from where you live. It's not time to talk about moving in together yet, but you want to stay in touch. Fortunately, technology provides some great ways to keep things going in a long-distance relationship or online affair:
-- Instant messaging allows you to "talk" in real time via the keyboard. IM programs have been around for a while, but the new versions allow you to send video back and forth as well.

-- Meeting in singles chat rooms to talk with other singles about their experiences with dating online can help. You can ask questions about keeping the long-distance relationship afloat, and find out how other singles managed their online dating quests.

-- Skype is a program that lets you make free phone calls over the Internet to anyone else who also has the program.

-- Digital cameras and online photo services can let you share special parts of your day with a long-distance love.

In addition to keeping the lines of communication open, a long-distance relationship requires extra doses of honesty, trust, and understanding. It's a lot harder to pick up on someone's emotions online than in person.



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