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First Date Activities

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First Date Activities

The activity you chose when you first meet in person should be something you are comfortable doing. Furthermore, it needs to allow conversation for you to determine if you will be getting together for a second date. A few top choices include:

Dinner: Dinner can be as casual or romantic as you want it to be. Determine this in part based on how well you have gotten to know your date through your online time together. Also keep in mind expense. This is one of the more pricey choices.

Dancing: Dancing is a lot of fun and a great way to break down barriers. Remember you should be comfortable with whatever first date activity you agree to. Therefore, if you do not like dancing or are incredibly self-conscious, this is not a good choice.

Going for a Walk: Walking is free, it allows lots of conversation, and it comes more naturally to most of us then dancing. If you have a favorite place or are fortunate enough to live somewhere with natural beauty, this is a great idea. Beaches, parks, waterfronts, and mountains are ideal.



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