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Humor as a Relationship Strategy

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Humor as a Relationship Strategy

Many times arguments appear silly once emotions have died down. Sometimes we can't even remember what started the fight or why we got so upset. In the heat of the moment, however, we tend to take the situation very seriously. Successful relationships develop the ability to take a light approach to conflicts. Recognizing that arguments are inevitable and normal versus catastrophic is helpful. One way to do this is to practice taking a step back when involved in a dispute. See if you can view your contribution to the situation with a sense of humor. Perhaps you can even laugh at yourself. This can interrupt getting stuck in a defensive stance. This in turn allows logic to resume. You will also be more open and responsive to your partner's feelings. This approach can help couples that are struggling as well as strengthen healthy relationships.



8/3/2008 8:51:44 PM
Ian Shearer said:

Certainly there needs to be some humor in your life - laugh a little more each day it costs nothing!

Too many people take life much too seriously, especially with being pre-occupied with little things, which are of no consequence.

It doesn't cost to much to laugh at yourself once in a while, especially when you are having some fun with friends.

Eight of us (all former work colleagues) play cards once a month - every month, mostly poker variations. It's the fun part of the game that has helped our relationships endure for up to 30 years.

Conversations range far and wide over many topics, including solving the world's problems! Mostly we have a good laugh, relax and have fun.

Certainly a sense of humor plays a great part in our group being so successful. Do try it sometime, it costs nothing and beats paying for professional advice every time!

Think about it, do something (= take action)and your life will be a little richer.

Ian - Canberra, Austrlia's Capital

1/30/2010 3:12:50 PM
Susan said:

I agree! Laughter is a good way to release tension, especially when both (all) partners are on the same page. It would be less-than-helpful for one to laugh, while the other(s) cry, are angry, etc. However, for releasing stress, there is nothing better than a good laugh, which also burns as many as 40 calories. Learn to laugh at the little stuff, as it is all (really) little stuff. The important thing is to be alive and healthy, together with friends or loved by your spouse, not whether they had, for example, a "tone" in their voice when they made that comment. Love more, laugh often, and, truly, live well!


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