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Relationship Commitment

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Relationship Commitment

When our partners do something we do not like, we tend to focus on what they did “wrong.” We criticize. We point out what we deem to be their faults. When this approach is taken, your partner will feel judged, hurt, angry. Whether in a new relationship or a long term relationship, this pattern does not build a solid relationship commitment.

A good relationship can be formed, however, by showing empathy and compassion to your partner.

Compassion shares similarities with love but goes beyond it. Compassion removes the judgment we place on individual differences and preferences. It means we approach the spectrum of human qualities with tolerance. This shows support, encourages a sense of safety and trust, and opens honest communication.



9/17/2007 10:54:54 AM
Rick Biro said:

This is one of the simplest concepts to understand and yet the hardest to apply. Feeling and emotions sometimes run wild and not being able to see the others perspective can keep you from applying this simple truth. I have found that if you can master this approach rather than the natural "What about me" approach you and your partner will grow stronger together and will not have any mountain that can not be conquered together.

9/19/2008 12:53:21 AM
Brandt said:

I dissagree totally with this. What if by showing empathy the person continues doing the very thing in which you dislike? Thinking he/she has your approval.


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