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Avoiding Blame: Relationship Advice

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Avoiding Blame: Relationship Advice

Avoiding blame and judgment is important relationship advice. Openly share issues, emotions and concerns without blaming anyone for their existence. Even when you are upset by something your partner has done, challenge yourself to not view your partner's behavior as “wrong.” While the behavior may be displeasing to you, this does not make you “right.” Your emotions are valid and important, that is different then your reaction being a standard of truth to measure another against. Explain what you thought and how you felt without assigning responsibility to the other person for your reactions. The response you have is based on your experiences, beliefs and assumptions versus the other person's intent or actions.



5/30/2007 2:45:02 AM
karen said:

hi,ok,but what if im with my boyfriend 1 year and a half,i hav'nt met his parents,he dont invite me to his place,when i called down to him last night,didnt go into his house,we went for something to eat,when i dropped him home,still didnt go into his house,i felt he could'nt wait to see me gone.What would you think of that.

9/8/2007 5:28:43 PM
April said:

I agree, nothing shuts me off more as when my husband makes harsh judgements, and I'm sure he feels the same way. When we refuse to see someone elses point of view, and continually state that they are wrong and we are right, the discussion gets nowhere

3/10/2008 8:57:37 AM
marie said:

Avoiding blame is not easy when you feel that the person your with has been cruel and verbally abusive, because they are to blame, their the ones that did the harm. Although we may have allowed it or maybe not. How do you not blame somone and just say that we both have something to learn when your hurting from the vicous words that have attached themselves to your soul.


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