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Interracial Children

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Interracial Children

Regardless of the ethnic groups involved in interracial marriages, one result of these unions are children. Commonly cited problems interracial children deal with revolve around racism and identity confusion (Rosenblatt, Karis & Powell, 1995).

Racism is an awful thing for any child to face. The level of hatred interracial children encounter may surpass what people of color are already subjected to. Parents can help their children by being open regarding this reality. In age appropriate terms, children can be educated about the ignorance that exists in our world. This preparation can help minimize the damage caused by hurtful words and behavior.

Identity confusion also arises more frequently for these children. This occurs when there is difficulty blending two divergent cultures. Unfortunately, biracial children may feel they do not fit or belong with either ethnic group. As with racism, parents can help through having frank and ongoing discussions particular to this issue. Furthermore, providing information, exposure and celebration particular to both backgrounds is encouraged.



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