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Interfaith Marriages

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Interfaith Marriages

The amount of stress placed on interfaith marriages depends on the couple, their families, the level of differences in religious and cultural backgrounds, and the level of support the couple has available to them. Given how difficult marriage already is, anything making it harder is not welcome news. This does not mean interfaith relationships can not work. Rather, being aware of the potential problems and strategies to head them off is the best solution.

  • Both people need to be open and honest with themselves and each other about the importance of their faiths and what role they wish it to play in their lives.
  • Lobbying or coercing your partner into converting to your faith should be avoided. This choice must be driven by the individual and his/her needs.
  • Be sensitive at all times to your partner's faith, beliefs and culture. Even if you think your spouse isn't very religious, spiritual and cultural issues are very personal and sensitive. Many people view these as important parts of their identity.
  • The topic of children needs lots of discussion before the marriage takes place. Be honest and direct about your wishes. Abide by the agreed direction you both have decided upon. Ideally, both faiths can be honored.



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