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Integrating Interfaith Families

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Integrating Interfaith Families

Interfaith marriages may need a plan for dealing with all those pesky religious holidays. If you are having trouble, try the following:

  • Decide which Traditions are Keepers: Discuss your favorite childhood memories and traditions. Be clear about what practices are important to you. Do not veto a ritual that is important to your partner. Be flexible, do not pressure each other, and maintain respect at all times.
  • Maintain Who you Are: Each person, whether in an interfaith marriage or not, should maintain some separate identity. You do not have to give up who you are or things that are important to you. You also should not expect this of your partner.
  • Be Honest About Holiday Worries: If you are worried about relatives, the kids, feeling out of place, etc. discuss these openly as they occur. Support one another instead of becoming defensive or disrespectful. Do your best for developing a plan well in advance so your anxiety can be minimized.
  • Remember to Enjoy the Holidays: The underlying point of the holidays is unity, love, peace. Celebrations should reflect these concepts, not be filled with conflict.



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