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Interfaith Counseling

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Interfaith Counseling

Interfaith counseling is sometime chosen by couples as a preparation for marriage. This can help prevent differences from contaminating interfaith marriages. Although this is not a “must do” for every interfaith family, those concerned about potential problems are wise to make use of this help.

Interfaith counseling is useful because it facilitates dialogue around about the differences and similarities in the two faiths, helps people look at their experiences, and teaches the couple how listen to the each other. Instead of avoiding the topic, couples learn to talk about it calmly and openly without feeling threatened or anxious.

Couples who choose this preventive maintenance approach learn relationship skills before hurt feelings and miscommunications have accumulated. Topics such as how to handle faith with future children and how the family will worship are agreed upon before problems occur.



9/10/2010 5:05:07 PM
Anonymous said:

Does counseling really help? I have been with my significant other for 6 years and within the last year and half we have been talking seriously about the fact that we want to get married. I am Jewish and he is Catholic and I worry that one of us will end up giving into the other person on how to raise children. Any help or advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.


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