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Sex & Being a Single Parent

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Sex & Being a Single Parent

The subject of sex is likely to come up eventually for all parents. Regardless of your particular moral or religious beliefs about sex before marriage, there are several things to consider about how to handle sex as a dating single parent.

Parents should keep an open door policy for kids to ask questions about sex. It doesn't mean they'll always come to you, but if you let them know they can and you won't freak out at the mention of the word, they are more likely to talk to you about it.

If your values dictate no sex before marriage, it may postpone questions from your children. Once you and your new spouse share a bedroom, however, children may ask questions ranging from the explicit (Do you guys have sex?) to the suggestive (Why do you keep your bedroom door closed?). Help them understand that what married adults do in their bedroom is private.



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