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Younger Men Dating Older Women

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Younger Men Dating Older Women

An age difference in relationships draws attention, especially when a younger man and older woman are involved. However, intergenerational relationships in which younger men are with older women are increasingly common. Some couples unintentionally end up in this type of age difference relationship, while others purposefully set out to find it.

The reasons some men prefer older women include:

The mental stimulation of being with someone with more life experience

Greater self-confidence

Higher maturity level

Increased self-sufficiency and independence

Clarity on life goals.



6/25/2007 3:50:40 AM
Greg said:

I am in a long distance relationship where by I will find my 14 yr (my senior)lady arriving in Sydney within the next 6 months.I find your comments exactly correct as I feel greater mental stimulation ease with life situations.Less flighty & most importantly I am in love with her.Thank you for your excellent site.


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