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Stress on Intergenerational Relationships

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Stress on Intergenerational Relationships

Family and friends often object to intergenerational relationships. This effects you and your partner. Tension, hurt feelings, and anger lead to disagreements and generalized strain on the relationship. There are two things that can greatly help May - December relationships pull through. The two of you compose a team. It is nonsensical for teammates to undermine or sabotage each other because they have the same goal. The two of you share the goal of nurturing a loving, happy relationship. Keeping this agreed upon goal in mind, talk openly to work toward agreement of how to handle situations that arise. You do not have to defend the other people involved. You do not have to take their reactions personally. You do not have to let them pull you and your partner apart at a time when you need one another. The two of you are to work together, tirelessly if needed, to overcome the obstacles those on the “other team” put in your way. Secondly, no matter how beautiful your age difference marriage is, the two of you do not exist on a deserted island. Having a community or network of others that are accepting will help support and strengthen your relationship. It is important to have others you both feel comfortable sharing time with and turning to during difficult times.



2/5/2009 12:04:29 AM
unami said:

everybody is entitled to choose whom to share their lives is important yes,but they do not have the right nor mandate to choose or condenm your my advise to those facing such a situation;embrace your love for only u know what is real and true!!!!


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