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Long Distance Relationship Poem

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Long Distance Relationship Poem

Long distance relationship are so common these days that people even write poems about them. Poems, limericks, and haikus are a few ways to express your love. A picture may speak a thousand words but sometimes a poem distills in a few words the essence of something that it could take a whole book to describe.

Here is one example where long distance love is viewed through the lens of poetry by Dani Meier (2007). It's not poet laureate stuff but poetry can include humor too. And to handle a long distance relationship (or any relationship for that matter) a sense of humor is important:

An Ode to Long Distance Love, Dani Meier

A long distance love can be lovely,

There's passion and sex and romance,

You can meet in new wonderful places,

You can wine, you can dine, you can dance.

Leave regular life far behind you,

No work and no phones and no bills,

This is the time for just playing,

No cleaning up messes or spills.

After the fun is all done,

Go back to your life and be you,

Stay in your boxers or sweats,

Be a slob, ignore the shampoo.

Yes, long distance love can be lovely,

When you plan it, the romance is there,

But the rest of life just isn't bothered,

What a great way to spell love affair!



9/28/2007 5:41:23 AM
Anna said:

thanks for the priceless advice

1/31/2009 12:21:38 PM
?????????? said:

sounds like cheating if I ever knew a joke like that

7/24/2011 9:13:10 PM
Anonymous said:

Sounds like a relationship that my girlfriend is going through. She has been dating for over 2 years and have not been to his house or met his family. He said he wants to take it slow and it is because he was manipulated and conned into a rebound marriage by a black Jamaican woman who was already married and divorced twice with children. Just coming out of a divorce himself, this woman spotted him at a college fundraiser/orientation at Kean University where she also worked as a fundraiser. She moved on him and charmed him with her sexual prowess not even 6 months and became husband number three. She really conned him into the marriage after dating him for only 7 months long distance which was also a major factor because she lived an hour away from him. But my girlfriend only lives 30 minutes away but with a lot of traffic and can't get even get him to stay over for night. Is this a commitment issue from that whirlwind romance which that black jamaican woman forced on him? We also heard that she was cunning and manipulative to her husbands. A con artist fundraiser that charmscomp ananies to donate to the hospital at JFK Medical Foundation in Edison where she works as an Executive Director. No wonder she has to change a jobs after every Tom, Dick and Harry that she picks off from the street as her next husband victim. BTW, he was the only white man that she married and conned him to buying her house that she is currently living with another black man, husband number 4. What a disgusting human being. Who is she? Donna M Meade from Bernardsville. A waspy town where she is proud living with her new young black husband in the very house that her white ex-husband was conned into buying for her.

I feel really bad for my girlfriend and tell her to forget the past of her boyfriend. That woman will get her dues when the IRS comes looking for her.


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