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Jewish Singles

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Jewish Singles

Jewish singles may or may not feel strongly about dating inside the Jewish faith. For some, it's a priority to date and eventually marry a partner who has been raised with the values and the traditions of Judaism.

Like Christianity, however, Judaism is not monolithic and not all Jews are the same or want the same thing in a romantic relationship. Some Jewish singles want to be with someone who has grown up with the culture that they grew up with. Others will want someone who not only shares a Jewish background, but is similarly observant, perhaps keeping a kosher home or regular Sabbath observance.

Still others in the community of Jewish singles are more secular and non-religious. They consider themselves culturally Jewish, not religious. For them, the priority is to celebrate certain rituals they enjoy, perhaps the Passover Seder, Chanukah, and so on. But they are also happy to celebrate Christmas and Easter with friends or partners without feeling it violates their faith. This population of the American Jewish community is large and growing. By some studies, Jewish intermarriage is approaching 50 percent.

For those Jewish singles (or any singles) who date outside their faith, the important thing is to be frank about one's needs and expectations. During the dating phase of a relationship, both parties may be open to all kinds of different traditions and customs. As things get more serious, however, contemplating marriage, family, and children can often result in a return to traditions from one's past. Be open and honest with your concerns, needs, and things that make you uncomfortable. If you can talk through the discomfort and find common ground, laying the foundation for a strong intercultural relationship will have begun.



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